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Property owners are often surprised when their documentation is not entirely correct. Even if you used the services of a lawyer when you bought your house, there can still be issues which need to be addressed in relation to your Escritura, the Catastro, your IBI (council tax), utility bills and other matters relating to electricity, water and gas supplies.

Having the correct documentation will alleviate any concerns that potential buyers might have and verify that their dream home in the sun is both legal and above board.

We can help you with all problems or issues relating to any of your documents by:

  • Thoroughly checking all of your documents.
  • Indicating any problems.
  • Resolving any issues.

Important documents include the following;


The Nota Simple is an extract from the Land Register for your property. When a property is purchased, the Escritura is sent to the Land Registry and the property is officially registered.

On occasions the Land Registry has been known to make mistakes when registering property descriptions.

The description on the Escritura MUST correspond with the description on the Nota Simple.


There are many certificates available from the Town Hall but the one most commonly asked for is a certificate which shows that there are no sanctions against your property.

This is now required by all buyers’ lawyers and all bank valuers and it indicates that there are no outstanding issues with your property at the Town Hall.

IBI (Impuestos de Bienes Inmuebles - or council rates)

Issues that need to be addressed relating to your IBI include the following:

  • Does your name appear at the top of your IBI bill? If it does not, this indicates that there are problems with the Catastro.
  • Are there any outstanding IBI bills for your property?



Issues that need to be addressed relating to your electricity include the following:

  • Do you have a legal electricity connection?

    You must have a legal electricity connection or it will be disconnected.

  • Where is your electricity meter?

    If it is on the side of your house or within the boundary of your property then it might need to be moved before the contract can be transferred to the new owners when you sell your property.

  • Do you have an ICP or limiter fitted to your fuse board?

    Endesa is in the process of writing to all property owners requiring them to have an ICP to ensure that you only receive the amount of electricity that you actually pay for. Once the ICP has been fitted you might need to upgrade the amount of electricity you receive.

    If you do not comply with this requirement then Endesa will fine you.  If you do not receive your electricity bills by post or you do not have a post office box in your local village then Endesa might already be fining you so beware.

  • For older properties, is your electricity boletin less than 20 years old?

    The boletin is a certificate of electrical installation for your property. If the boletin is more than 20 years old then you will need to have it renewed by a certified electrician prior to completion of the sale of your house.


Issues that need to be addressed relating to your water include the following:

  • Do you have any issues regarding your water bills?
  • Do you have any problems with your water supply?
  • Do you need a new water supply – mains, well or water right?

Gas contracts

Issues that need to be addressed relating to your gas include the following:

Do you have an up to date gas contract?

Gas installations must be inspected every five years. The orange gas pipes must be replaced, any other necessary works carried out and then the new contract will be issued.

If you do not have an up to date gas contract, this will affect your house insurance if there is a gas explosion or any other problem with the gas installation.

The gas contract applies to your property not to you personally and it needs to be passed on to the new owners once the house is sold so it is important that it is kept up to date.

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