Advice and information on marketing your property

We know that your home is your pride and joy, a place in which you have invested a lot of time, effort and money.  However, once you have decided to sell your house, you need to set aside your emotions, stop thinking about it as your home – the aim is now to convince potential buyers that it is their ideal home.

Sunset Properties will guide you every step of the way.  We will give you an honest valuation of your property and we will be truthful with you about the presentation of your house - after all we have the same objective as you which is to sell your house.

Our service to you

  • A rapid response to your enquiry and a visit to your home at your convenience.
  • As much time as you need to discuss the marketing of your property
  • As much help and advice as you need
  • Written information on your tax liability
  • A written commission agreement
  • Lots of photographs and a thorough description of your property
  • Accompanied viewings in all cases
  • Support and feedback throughout the whole process of selling your house

First steps

  • Paperwork

    It is important that the paperwork for your property is correct.  If it is not correct, we can advise you what to do.  In order to market your property, we must have copies of certain documents from you.

  • Marketing price

    Most people have a figure in mind as to what their property is worth however we urge you to discuss this with us and take our advice into account as we know the local market.  Too high a price and you risk having no viewings at all.  You need to market your property at a realistic price.

  • Reducing the price

    You can always lower the asking price after a few months but your house will be ‘old news’ by then and other new properties will have come onto the market in the meantime.

Presenting your property

  • First impressions

    First impressions are very important and it is vital that your property is clean and tidy inside and out and in good decorative order.  If you need some help, we can recommend a local ‘house staging’ service.

  • Make your house less personal to you

    Too many family photos and personal items make clients still think of the house as yours – they can’t imagine living there themselves.

  • Remove clutter from every room

    This can detract a client’s attention from the property itself – less clutter makes the house look more open and spacious.

  • Stage your property outside

    The outside is just as important as the inside – sun beds and tables and chairs make clients imagine themselves relaxing by the pool or dining al fresco.

  • Make sure everything works

    If something obviously does not work, clients will wonder what else doesn’t work and might be put off.

  • Touch up the paintwork – inside and outside

    Painting is a relatively inexpensive way of brightening up your house and makes it look fresh and clean – it makes clients think they can move in straight away.

  • Odour control – smoking and pets

    If you smoke or have pets, you may not be able to detect any odours but potential buyers will, so consider smoking outside and try and mask the smell of your pets as much as possible.

  • Pet control

    If you have dogs, make sure they are not in the house during viewings – not everyone wants to be greeted enthusiastically by your dog and some people are afraid of dogs.


  • Availability

    We will always accompany clients who come to view your house and we will give you as much notice as we possibly can but please do try and make sure your property is available to view even at short notice.

  • Setting the scene

    Before the clients arrive:

    • Make sure the house is tidy.
    • Put the lights on in the house as it will give it a homely feel.
    • Make sure your pets are under control.
  • Conducting the viewings

    Potential buyers can feel like intruders in your home and if you follow them round the house, it may make them feel uncomfortable and possibly want to leave.  If you can, let us conduct the viewings – clients will generally give more honest feedback to the agent than they will directly to the owners, although being available to answer any questions that the client might have would be very helpful.

  • Subsequent viewings

    If clients return for a second viewing, that is the time when you can offer more detailed information about your house and your experiences of living in the house and the area – now is the time for you to contribute more to the process.

Contracts, costs and completion

  • Contracts

    Once you have a buyer and have agreed a price, purchase contracts are generally prepared over the next week and usually, a holding deposit of around €3,000 will be paid in order to take the house off the market for a limited time period.  The 10% deposit will then be paid, usually within a couple of weeks, depending on how long the buyers legal representative requires for checking the documents and the completion date can then be agreed between you and the buyer – 6-8 weeks is normal.

  • Costs

    When selling your house you do not have to have legal representation unless the escritura needs updating.  However, if you are Spanish tax residents and need confirmation of this from the Spanish tax office (02 exemption certificate), it is advisable to use the services of an asesoria/gestor or your fiscal advisor to do this for you.  In addition, you may find it comforting to have an English speaking asesoria/gestor with you when you attend the Notary’s office.  Always ask for an estimate of his/her costs beforehand.

    Your expenses will include:

    • Capital gains tax (if applicable)
    • Plus valía tax
    • Legal fees |(if applicable)
    • Agent’s fees

    For more information about selling costs click here.

  • Completion

    We will inform you of the date, time and place of the visit to the Notary and you will need to bring with you the title deed for your property and your personal identification (NIE certificate and original passport).

    You should allow a few hours for the visit as there might be delays at the Notary’s office. 

    During the visit, the lawyer or asesoria/gestor for the buyer will translate the new title deed and then you will be required to sign for the sale in front of the Notary. 

    After that, you will receive a banker’s cheque for the purchase price and then that’s it, congratulations you have sold your house!