Telecommunications in Spain

You will notice that in our property descriptions, we always indicate whether a property has a telephone line. We know that this is crucial for some buyers especially those who intend to work from home and need access to the internet. For others it is an important way of keeping in touch with family and friends.

In the villages it is generally straight forward to have a fixed landline installed. However, out in the countryside it can be a different story. Although many people get by using just a mobile phone, the costs can be high and in some areas, there is little or no reception.

There is a wide range of services available that can help to overcome the problem and there are several options available to meet your particular needs and geographical situation. So even if a property description states that there is no telephone, you may still be able to have a broadband internet connection and therefore make telephone calls via the internet.

Here are some of the options:

Fixed Landline Telephone

In and close to the villages and towns you should be able to have a landline installed by Movistar. You will pay for the installation and then pay a monthly standing charge for use of the line but you can buy your calls from any provider. There are many companies offering cheap calls. Once you have a landline it is possible in most places to have a broadband internet connection and again there is no shortage of providers.

Wireless Internet Connection

This is probably the most popular way of accessing the internet in the countryside and there are a number of companies offering this service in and around the Competa area. Together with a fast broadband service, there are companies offering deals which include the provision of Spanish and UK telephone numbers and free calls to landlines.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

You can use the internet to make telephone calls at a much lower cost than via a traditional fixed landline telephone. The most well know company offering this service is skype (see ) Once you have the software, you can speak to other skype users entirely free of charge and call landlines in most countries at a very reasonable rate. You can also purchase a ‘skypein' UK telephone number enabling people without skype to call you. Calls to mobiles cost more but are still often cheaper than other providers. Free skype to skype calls using a webcam is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends.

Radio Phone

Radio phones are sometimes found in country houses and are supplied by Movistar. With this antiquated technology you cannot access the internet but you can make telephone calls. If you find that you have one of these telephone systems you can apply to Movistar to update it.

Digital TRAC Phone

This is also radio technology but a little more modern, it can give you an internet connection the speed of which can be improved by contracting with Telefonica for GPS connection.

Mobile Telephones

You can of course use your UK mobile phone here in Spain. However, for calls within Spain it is cheaper to buy a Spanish SIM card to use in your existing phone whilst you are here. These are readily available everywhere and there is a wide range of providers, contracts and special deals to choose from.