Spanish Energy Performance Certficates (EPC)

Royal Decree No. 235 came into effect on 1 June 2013 requiring all property owners who have a property for sale to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for their property. 

This comes as a result of the European Directive for the Energy Performance of Buildings and brings Spain into line with the UK and other European countries where EPCs have been required for a number of years.

The new law applies to all properties currently for sale and those new to the market and the EPC needs to be in place before your property can be advertised for sale as energy ratings have to be displayed alongside your property information.

The EPC lasts for 10 years and indicates how energy efficient your property is giving it a standard energy and carbon emission efficiency grade from ‘A’ to ‘G’ where ‘A’ is the most efficient and ‘G’ is the least efficient.

The Government has indicated that fines will be levied on property owners who do not comply with the new legislation.  This applies to agents as well as private individuals. 

The cost of the EPC depends on the size of your property - the larger your property, the more expensive the EPC will be – and it is the property owner who is responsible for paying for the certificate.

We can recommend the services of a reputable local company who will carry out all the necessary paperwork for you.