Aerial photography

At Sunset Properties we can offer you a new and exciting marketing approach as part of our marketing service at a very competitive cost.

This is the opportunity to wow prospective buyers with the amazing visual impact provided through the use of high quality aerial photographs and video footage to promote your property.

This new marketing strategy will be provided by a fully licensed and insured professional aerial photographer who will produce:

  • 10 still photographs of your property at a cost of €60
  • 10 still photographs and a 2-3 minute video of your property at a cost of €130

Aerial photographs and video footage of your property will allow potential buyers to take in the entire property, to see the extent of your land and to get a real feel for the surroundings.

Aerial photographs and video footage will complement the photographs taken by us from ground level and offer clients a different perspective as they will show the property in its entirety.
We will include your choice of aerial photographs and any video footage on our website and will also be able to use a selection of the photographs via our other marketing outlets which include:

The whole process should take about an hour but it will be dependent on weather conditions!

You know when the best time is for photographing your property – where the sun is at different times of the day, etc so please let us know so that we can make arrangements accordingly.

It is also very important to ‘stage’ the outside of your property – make sure everywhere is tidy, uncover the pool and set up sun beds, take in the washing, park your car out of sight if possible.

Although the photographs and video will be restricted to your property, out of courtesy, we recommend that you let your neighbours know what is going to happen and when it is going to happen just to reassure them that there will be no invasion of their privacy.