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The charming and relatively modern village of Totalán is located 22 km from Málaga and only 9 km from the coast at Rincón de la Victoria.  It is a great base for holidays and equally ideal for permanent living being in close proximity to Málaga airport, the beach and shopping facilities.  Just a short drive from the village brings you to a large shopping centre with the hypermarket Carrefour, numerous other shops, various restaurants and a cinema. 

Of the annual fiestas which take place in the village probably the most popular is La Fiesta de la Chanfaina in November where the locals prepare the traditional dish of la chanfaina which includes potatoes, sausages, black pudding, breadcrumbs and various herbs and spices.  Locals and visitors partake of the dish together with wine and beer and there is typically much revelry.

Mapa Totalan

Pueblos cercanos

Pueblos más cercanos a Totalan
Moclinejo - distancia aprox. 3.76 km
El Borge - distancia aprox. 7.73 km
Chilches pueblo - distancia aprox. 7.77 km
Almachar - distancia aprox. 8.67 km
Chilches - distancia aprox. 8.89 km
Cutar - distancia aprox. 9.48 km
Cajiz - distancia aprox. 9.95 km
Iznate - distancia aprox. 10.10 km
Comares - distancia aprox. 10.23 km
Benajarafe - distancia aprox. 10.45 km
Benamargosa - distancia aprox. 11.93 km
Triana - distancia aprox. 13.15 km
Observe por favor que las distancias son línea recta y la distancia recorrida en coche puede ser mucho más larga.
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