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Nestled in the hills at an altitude of 475 m, the village of Iznate is located 5 km inland from the coast at Benejarafe and 29 km from Malaga . Named after an ancient castle, Iznate has narrow winding streets, beautiful views of the Sierra Tejeda and the Boquete de Zafarraya and a predominantly agrcultural economy.

The village is surrounded by vineyards and tropical fruit trees which dominate the gently undulating countryside. A number of good shops serve the local community including supermarkets, hardware and a pharmacy. There are also banks, a school and a number of bars.

Mapa Iznate

Pueblos cercanos

Pueblos más cercanos a Iznate
Cajiz - distancia aprox. 1.91 km
Almachar - distancia aprox. 4.70 km
Triana - distancia aprox. 5.08 km
El Borge - distancia aprox. 6.27 km
Moclinejo - distancia aprox. 6.36 km
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Velez malaga - distancia aprox. 7.45 km
Observe por favor que las distancias son línea recta y la distancia recorrida en coche puede ser mucho más larga.
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